Starting out

Having always worked full time, the idea of taking a part-time job was quite a scary thought. But, I knew it was something that I needed to do. A stressful work situation had left me feeling exhausted and it turned out, had probably been a big reason for me developing an overactive thyroid (all better now). Although, things were going to be tight financially, I had this real sense, that it was the right step to make...

Going down to part-time hours allowed me to explore the more creative side of my brain. I fell in love with printmaking following a run of evening courses at a local studio, Kiwi Print Studio, run by the lovely Dena and Ella. The courses covered all different types of printmaking: mono print, dry point, lino, etching, screenprint and collagraph. I enjoyed all the methods, but the process of collagraph really seemed to chime with me (my mum always said I enjoyed a bit of 'bluepetering'). It was such an instant connection. 

Wildshed_starting out_blog

I knew I wanted to find a way of being able to make print a permanent feature in my life.

When I first started printing I was so sure that screen printing was going to be my thing (I love straight, clean lines and bright colours), but found myself getting frustrated as I just couldn’t get things as perfect as I wanted them to be - I’m not sure why I just thought I would be able to nail it on my first attempt.

Instead, I connected with collagraph. I think part of this was because I didn’t have any expectations. With screen printing, I wanted the ink to print evenly, not bleed, look crisp. With collagraph, these types of things can actually make the print look better. It’s all about perspective!

Recently I went back to give screen printing another go (this time minus the expectations) and what do you know, I loved it. Why, because I had learnt to enjoy the process, just as much as the outcome...lesson learnt!